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I have come to realise the hard truth of wedding photography in tanzania and the truth is that people prefer to have a big group of photographers moving around taking pictures not for the sake of getting those amazing moments which the family will cherish but more for the people coming to the wedding to be impressed by the big group of photographers. I ask myself is this right? and every-time i come up with the same answer, NO!

Honestly i don’t see the reason to why a wedding would need a big group of photographers when only one photographer can accomplish the job of many. My conclusion is that tanzanian culture is one whereby people like to have the WOW! effect! whats the WOW! effect?, you ask, Its when you have an event and to make it seem WOW! you get a lot of photographers, and i really don’t see a reason to why a person would want to have the WOW! effect for their wedding. I see weddings as an event that is personal to a family, an event whereby small moments occur and are meant to be captured. If you have the WOW! effect in a wedding then people end up keeping there guard up and you find that most of the pictures a photographer can get are of people posing not of people in their natural moment of either laughter & joy.

Below are examples from a photographer called Anastasia Volkova: Wedding photography done by one photographer with an eye. 🙂

There is also the pre or post wedding photo-shoot for just the couple, something i think all weddings in Tanzania should have.

Amazing Capture right?

Capturing the small aspect of the wedding, awesome.

Brides/Groom preparations is a must.

Again details are always important, can’t emphasis enough!

So again i stick to saying that having the WOW! effect is an old culture and i think its important for families to start choosing more on quality of images they get, after all you want to remember your wedding for all its worth. Fight to get images that have emotions and depth.

For more on Anastasia Volkova visit:

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4 thoughts on “Article: Your Wedding Photographer

  1. I get your point but theres a gradiet to that transition, when you speak of culture it a very delicate matter..bear in mind as tanzanians you knw its different to europe or the west when it comes to weddings or funerals or any major event..families are extensive and the guest list easily gets comparing that to 20 invite event doesnt do much justice. However it wouldnt be easy to cover the entire thing with jst one photographer. Maybe for thr pre and post private sessions. You might hv a bunch of kids playing somwhere, old folks in the back.. So for one person that would be alot to handle i suppose..its a bit too wild in my opinion

    • That is a great point, but from what i have seen, a wedding will have 5 photographers, seriously 5 photographer thats way too much for a wedding and when i say its not needed is because those photographers are not separated taking pictures of other areas, they all take pictures of what is happening, like if the bride is cutting the cake, all 5 will be taking pictures of that, talking from my experience in the weddings i have gone to so far. Plus yes our cultures are different but u have to keep in account the fact that the pictures are just taken, from the pictures i have illustrated above, i have yet to see anyone one doing photographs with depth like that, so even if we have 100 plus people, don’t you think the people deserves images to the standard of european or international photographers? P.s you can always have a photographer taking pictures of the rest of the people and one focusing on the bride & groom. many solutions are available.

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