My work is inspired by many things i experience and see from day to day activities.
I could see an abandoned apartment or children playing in the playground and it would instantly trigger an idea for me to try out. I always spend countless hours on-line searching for inspiration from other artist and magazines for constant inspirations.

The type of photography that inspires me is high end fashion

, and vintage, dreamy almost surreal. I love all the different beauty you can find in people and love sharing that with others in my photos. Some photographers that have looked up to in my path into photography are:

Emily Soto
Julia Trotti
Amanda Diaz
Anastasia Volkova and a few more.

I pride my work not on the technical ability but more on my creativity and the valuable people that contribute to my ideas. I love the whole process of the idea creation to the finish of a project, it truly excites me.

Photography is my passion and always will be.

For all the people who are interested in finding cool tutorials on editing pictures, inspiration or photography techniques, you can join this blog community.

I will be sharing video tutorials that i watch plus learn from and also from time to time release OGS tutorials.



Available for Fashion,Wedding & Event Photography Booking. For more info Message us or
email: ogsserviceinfo@gmail.com
P: +255787 514851
Currently Based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


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