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Made in Tanzania :)

Hey everyone, so i was at the Artisan Market this past weekend and i damn, i am loving what is being made in tanzania at the moment. We have such a wide range of hand made crafts and not only a wide range but also a range that is made of quality and true craftsmanship. I took a few pictures here and there so you get to see what was there, enjoy. 🙂


IMG_3371-2IMG_3372-2 IMG_3373-2 IMG_3374-2 IMG_3375-2 IMG_3376-2 IMG_3377-2

IMG_3378-2 IMG_3379-2

IMG_3380-2 IMG_3381-2 IMG_3382-2 IMG_3383-2

IMG_3384-2 IMG_3385-2 IMG_3386-2 IMG_3387-2 IMG_3388-2 IMG_3389-2 IMG_3390-2

IMG_3391-2 IMG_3392-2 IMG_3393-2 IMG_3394-2 IMG_3395-2 IMG_3398-2 IMG_3401-2 IMG_3402-2 IMG_3403-2 IMG_3405-2 IMG_3407-2 IMG_3408-2

IMG_3408-2 IMG_3409-2

IMG_3411-2 IMG_3413-2IMG_3414-2 IMG_3415-2 IMG_3416-2IMG_3417-2 IMG_3418-2 IMG_3419-2 IMG_3421-2 IMG_3422-2 IMG_3423-2Hope your enjoyed, for some of my professional work visit: http://www.ossegrecasinare.com or like my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ossegrecasinare.com

Have a great week and i will be back with images from the coming goat race on the 1st of june. 🙂 Mmmmeeehhhh

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My first Farmers Market in Dar es Salaam

So here is a quick recap of my weekend. I was hearing a lot about the farmers market which was going to happen at Oysterbay shopping centre and i thought i would go check it out and get some pictures of my own.

It was really a great experience and what i loved the most was the variety of awesome Tanzanian made products, which were package well and also tasted great.

Sweet Rebel was in the building with their awesome cookies.
IMG_1296-2 IMG_1299-2

IMG_1301-2 IMG_1302-2 IMG_1303-2 IMG_1304-2

Jam made in Tanzania! Deeelliiousss!!
IMG_1305-2 IMG_1307-2

Some cheese made by the Agape Women’s Group, they had quite a variety.IMG_1309-2 IMG_1311-2 IMG_1313-2

Soya powder for a good soya drink.IMG_1314-2 IMG_1321-2

Dots Cupcakery was in the building indulging people with her delicious waffles and cupcakes.
IMG_1324-2 IMG_1325-2 IMG_1326-2 IMG_1328-2 IMG_1332-2At the end i got myself a bottle of Red by Cetawico in Dodoma, the wine i got is Mon Ami and i have yet to open it, i think i will wait for a good occasion or BBQ.

All in all, i was very impressed with the turn out of companies and the cool thing is that it will be happening every 1st saturday of the month, so all you foodies out there remember and mark your calendars.


Photo-shoot at Mbudya Island

This past weekend was great, on saturday Neele (model ) and i went to Mbudya island and did a photo-shoot and i must say the island is really a great place to relax.

We always say we will go there early like at around 10 but we always end up going at around 2, which sucks because the last boat leaves at 6pm and when you go at 2pm you don’t really get to enjoy the island.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the island & shoot. Enjoy.

All images were edited using my Beach Matte Preset. Coming out soon.

IMG_0436 IMG_0438 IMG_0440

We did a shoot on these rocks and it was painful! Ouch! 😦

IMG_0452Neele preparing for the photo-shoot  in the small island jungle.


IMG_0609 IMG_0619 IMG_0630 copy IMG_0633 IMG_0647

IMG_0612 IMG_0613

Here is a sneak preview for the shoot we did. 🙂




Model: Natasha
Photography: Osse Greca Sinare
Location: Studio
All rights reserved.




Illuminate by Osse Greca Sinare

A photo series with Model Upendo Mlay

Model: Upendo Mlay
Photography & Retouching: Osse Giovanni Greca Sinare
Photography Assistant: Pedaiah Swank John | Model
Location: Masaki, Dar es Salaam
All rights reserved.

11 12 13

Visit my facebook page for more: http://www.facebook.com/OsseGrecaSinarePhotography


The wait

The wait..
Recently did a photoshop with a friend of mine from Germany called Andra, it was really fun & relaxed, we got some really nice images, You can view more from the shoot here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.584663601552559.1073741830.294234187262170&type=3

M: Andra
L: Mbezi
All rights reserved.

Blog: http://www.ogsforum.wordpress.com

HD View: http://www.flickr.com/photos/seeuscreations/8617661473/in/photostreamhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/seeuscreations/8617661473/in/photostream


The wait


Project Identity

Project Identity: 

What is Project Identity?

#Identity is a project i am starting which will focus more on fashion & portrait photography, it will be a photographic documentation of how far i can push the envelop when it comes to fashion photography in Tanzania.


Who & How can you get involved?

Who? & How? if your a fashion designer, a boutique , Make-up Artist or model you can get involved by emailing me at ogsserviceinfo@gmail.com

Fashion designers &boutique can provide clothes, accessories etc for the photo-shoot, the images that will be taken from the shoot will be given to the Designers & boutique owners for use as their own promo material and also their name will be stated in the caption on my photography page & website. i.e

Model: Osse | Photographer: Greca | Clothing by “Sinare Boutique”

Models:  If you’re a model you can send me your portfolio via the same email: ogsserviceinfo@gmail.com | Please Note** I will be very strict on who i pick for this project, i want models who show great character, body type i.e tall, long legs, powerful eyes & some one who can show emotion.

Make-up Artist: If you’re a make up artist and you want to challenge yourself, this would be an ideal project to participate in because we will be coming up with very different types of make-up for the models and you will have to be very creative. Again as stated above your name will be kept in the caption in my photography page & website. Plus with the images we get from the Shoots you will be set for building up your own online image portfolio.


*Notes Images are not owned by OGS Photography.

Location: We will be looking for different location to shoot for this project and one thing i have found difficult to find is locations in dar, everyone here is not flexible with giving their locations (i.e restaurant, salon, hotel, beach front etc) for use, so if you have a great location and want to provide it to us for this project it will be more than awesome! We will have the location for the shoot placed on the caption and definitely give in a good word in. Plus i think its time people in tanzania know that this kind of things is normal in other countries, plus it will really help creative people to spread their wings.

Payment: There is no payment for this project, i am doing it on my own budget and it will be a collaboration between different creative artists & retailers. I would like to push the envelop when it comes to fashion photography, show that Tanzania’s are creative and are capable so if this is something you find of interest to you then contact me.

Exhibition: All in all in the end i would like to do an exhibition to showcase what we all worked so hard in, so this will also be a great way to showcase your work and let people know about the hard work you did for this project. The Gallery Exhibition would probably be in July.

Ideas for Photo-shoots:

Some of the ideas i would like to do. These are for illustration purposes and I will be mixing up things.

If your a model and are interested to do a particular theme from the ideas, do contact me.

Team: if you would like to join me in this project as part of the team to help out and bring it to life, do contact me as well. Max- 2 people

Note: All models will have to sign a Release Form.