Sunkissed Photoshop (Camera RAW Preset) AVAILABLE NOW!

ON SALE! Sunkissed (Camera RAW Preset) by Osse Greca Sinare
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Model: Andra



Sunkissed Photoshop (Camera RAW Preset) AVAILABLE NOW!


Fashion Spread BHS For PAA Magazine Photoshoot

Yesterday we spent the day at Ledger Bahari Beach Plaza, one of the really great hotels in Dar es Salaam. We didn’t really get to enjoy the place to the max because of the photo-shoot. Speaking about photo-shoot, we were doing a shoot for the upcoming fashion for Precision Air In-flight Magazine.

On the team we had Designers: Danielle of Necha & Pedaiah of PSJ Couture and on the modelling side we had Natasha & also Pedaiah Modelling his own designs. Make-up was done by Maznat Bridal and my assistant photographer for the day was Debra & we had a good friend Harmen doing some Behind the scenes photography as well.

The shoot took about 3 to 4 hours and we had scenes from the beach,pool side and many other amazing location that the hotel had to offer, plus the hotel management was so very friendly, we felt very comfortable working there, pressure free.

The images from the shoot will be coming out in May in the in-flight mag so be on the lookout for it.

Big thanks to all the people who made this possible.

IMG_7225 IMG_7228 IMG_7378 IMG_7380


Family Portrait Photo-shoot Recap

This family portrait shoot was my first one in Tanzania and it was really a great experience. Got a chance to meet and know new people and capture great family moments with them.

These are some of the images we got from this shoot. 🙂



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Photo-shoot Recap: Jocelyne Maro

The past week was awesome, we had a chance to work with a Jocelyne Maro, who is competing in Miss East Africa representing Tanzania.

The shoot with her took place at Mbudya Island, where we were accompanied by some of her friends and my two nephews. We had an awesome time. Here are some behind the scenes pictures and video from the shoot.

Behind the Scenes Video: