Event Photography


Today i had a great opportunity to cover the press Conference for Tigo & Reach for Change. They were announcing the winners for the campaign they were having to get 3 social entrepreneurs who have good ideas that will help change lives of children in their communities.

It was great honour to meet the three winners and take their pictures, one thing i can say i really love about them was their enthusiasm, kindness and joy, they truly made my day. As i got to know them i found out that two of them were from Moshi and one from Arusha, what a great coincidence because i am originally from Moshi even though i was born in dar es salaam (cause of my parents), and in my younger years i had the chance to stay in Arusha, so it was great to know that about them.

Here are some of the images form the press conference.

The winner with their cheques of $25,000

Event Photography

Deja-Vu Party

This past weekend was quite the weekend. We were preparing for an event shoot for a new party in town called Deja-Vu (Dope name right). The event was on Saturday 27/10/2012, and we must say besides having fun taking pictures of people we had a lot of fun partying as well. Oh before we forget we must mention the set up, it was really relaxing actually, felt like a scene from a miami movie. white cushion seat all around the pool, wine glasses on tables, relaxing house music in the back ground and an amazing crowd.

And if you had missed this party worry not party monster there is one every month, and every month the host promises to have something new added to the event.

So hopefully next month you will be in-front of our camera smiling for a pictures or just partying like crazy! 🙂

Here are a few pictures from the event: